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What does MorganRen offer
MorganRen offer personal and professional transpersonal development programs in both English and Chinese for discerning individuals, ground staff, middle management, executives and business leaders.

1 - Transpersonal Intelligence Awareness for Companies & Business Leaders
3 - Transpersonal LP’s & PDP’s for Individuals
4 - Acharya for the discerning

All material and presentations are avialble in both English and Chinese

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Free Self-Development Modules

What's your PDP? (个人发展规划 )

As we grow and mature, especially when embarking upon a career, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is term we become familiar with. Whether or not it's understood does not matter, yet we all come to understand that a strong GDP is good, and a low GDP is not so good. But rarely do we consider a PDP (Personal Development Plan) and if we do, it is generally associated with a motivational course that will help us feel good in times of struggle.

However the PDP being outlined here is not something to lift you up in times of trouble, it is a factually proven scientific system, a structured step by step program that will unlock your life path. Over time you will discover your true purpose, your real meaning for existence, and your ultimate mission while here on earth. In addition and during the process, (which takes time) but you will discover what's on the other side of life (what’s behind reality). It will put you in touch with an extra layer of reality you've always dreamed about discovering, and there's more - However these tools cannot be described here, yet when you become open and exposed to them, they will create the "magic" in your life that you've longed for, answer questions you've asked yourself for years, and heal your inner issues and wounds that have caused discomfort - Yes there is "magic" on offer and your creator knows your ready for it.

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You must develop the capacity within yourself to disentangle your entire life and reality - FEAR is your nemesis, LoVe is your ally. Process the former, cultivate the later, and help each other - Only then can your dreams and desires come into fruition - It's what you came here to do!

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